Yoni Steam Ritual Plants

Yoni Steam for Womb Vitality

Yoni Steaming IS a supreme treatment for your Womb Temple & Your Divine Feminine Spirit. And as most of you know it is one of my all time favorite healing womb rituals!

Yoni Steaming is by far one of the best treatments for facilitating the healing of the pelvic region and allows one to call in deep connection and love to their whole reproductive sanctuary.

Some of you have asked me about what plants to use. So I have recommended a few below + made a short video regarding 3 special plants you may use! Simple is best! Trust your intuition with what plants your womb feels called too!

Full video up on YouTube!

Medicinal Plants for Yoni Steam Rituals

Commonly used plants for the steam baths are oregano, lavender, calendula, red roses, & mugwort. Many other plants can be used such as chamomile, cramp bark, black cohosh, dandelion, motherwort, and damiana. Herbs may be either fresh or dried. You may use one or any combination of these herbs.

✦OREGANO: Antiseptic, stimulating, strengthening, induces menstruation, increases scanty flow. Oregano is a wonderful herb for aiding in prevention of infection.

✦LAVENDER: Antispasmatic, sedative, promotes deep restful sleep. A relaxing herb that brings calmness to the mind and the body. Lavender is antiseptic to the vaginal tissues.

✦CALENDULA: Has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, astringent, antifungal, and antiviral, properties making it useful for disinfecting and treating minor wounds, yeast infections, and other minor irritations and infections of the skin. It aids in the healing of tight, scarred tissues of the labia and perenium due to episiotomy, or vaginal tear.

✦ROSE: Uplifting for emotional stress, sadness, and depression, a natural nervous system tonic, stops uterine hemorrhage. Rose petals are gentle and astringent to tissues.

✦MUGWORT: Increases circulation to the reproductive organs, aids in clearing out of old fluids, is also antiseptic and purifying.

Heal your Queendom

W O M B ♀ Steam For

✦Painful Menstruation
✦Fertility Enhancement
✦Post Partum Recovery
✦Irregular Cycles
✦Pelvic Pain
✦Vaginal Dryness

Every woman must have this honor of rest & connection. You are warmed to the core from the depths of your being, deeper than your bones. The center of your womb is enlivened again.

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In Love & Womb Magic

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