Light Returns

.:. Mid Winters Eve .:.

Calling in the light, the kindled flame of love. One lit candle lights a whole room of darkness. Your Heart too is like a candle. May we light up our hearts & light up our world together! .

This New Moon Eve in Aquarius on Lunar Imbolc, the eclipse gate portal closes & Lunar Year Begins! A glimmer of hope re-emerges. Yang within Yin Light within dark.

The turning of the wheel of time. La Luna prepares to grow into her fullness & the Seasons are now shifting from winter to midwinter toward the awakening of spring.

.:. Triple Flame .:.

The light bearer of mid winter is the Celtic Goddess Brigid. Bride Reminds us to rekindle the 3 flames of INNER HEALING, INSPIRATION, & WISDOM within our hearts.

The sacred flame is yearning to be tended to. Let us offer some medicine & prayers into our hearts fire. Let us again feed the fire & illuminate our dreams. Let us awaken the passion + purpose of our hearts truth. Speak/write/sing/meditate on you dreams

.:. Releasing to Bloom .:.

Be gentle. Take your time. Be still. Rest & Recoup. There is much energy of renewal & clearing coming along with the current cosmic alignment.

This is a potent time to reflect on what you may be ready to release that no longer serves you as you are budding, blooming & growing into your highest truth.

.:. Rekindle the Flame Ritual .:.

✩ In your dark room in front of your alter space, light a candle & burn some sacred smoke palo santo.

✩ Call in the powers of Goddess Brigid to be here now.

✩ Begin to slowly walk around your dark room & home space with your kindled flame + palo santo.

✩ Let the smoke + sacred flame purify your home.

✩ As you walk slowly through your space feel the presence of the warm light blessing you & your surroundings.

✩ Call in your healing angels. Call upon anything it is that you may need right now.

✩ Come back to your starting point, place the candle back on the alter.

✩ Take a seat & gaze it to the sacred flame.

✩ Place both hands ♥ upon your heart & Visualize the sacred flame illuminated.

☽♢✧ In Love & Womb Magick ☽♢✧

Dr. Laura Brown ~ The Womb Alchemist

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