Herbal Beauty Bath


Balsamic Moon Ritual

Plant Medicine baths are used to refresh & purify the body. The combination of the power of water + healing properties of the plants provide a deep cleansing + renewal at an energetic level. Bask in the Beauty of Rainbows!

Always collect plants with prayer + intention in preparation for your bath.

☆Elevate your AURIC field

☆Awaken bright positive energy

☆Let go of old stagnant energies

☆Dispel psychic sludge

It is time Dear Ones to consciously let go negativity. If you have been waiting to release something in your life. NOW is the perfect time. Light +

Blessings to your Goddess Souls!

Goddess Goals

☆Self Care



☆Prepare for New Moon Energies

☆Prepare for Rebirth

Balsamic Moon Dark Moon 

This is the last phase of the MOON cycle. It is comparable to the energies of the Fall Season. A time of harvest + preparation. The energy is beginning to surrender to deep winter changes ahead.

It is akin to the pre-mensrual phase of our WOMB cycle. Gathering energy for the bleeding time. We always change & each phase is a sacred gift offering a magic reflection.

Time for a Sacred PAUSE . Lift up your Goddess Spirit + smell the sweetness of a Rose!

In Love & Womb Magic

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