Heavenly Water

Cycle Ritual + Ceremony

Women must know again that the menstrual cycle is a time of ceremony. Our moon time is our 1st rights of passage. It is our 1st stop to the A L T E R.

Tian Gui Heavenly Water

In Chinese Medicine, menstrual blood is translated as Tian Gui Heavenly Water. Your blood is heavenly. Accepting this as such awakens a deep honor for the feminine divine flow.

I truly believe that if we can be celebrated + honored during this major transformation, that our subsequent rights of passage through womanhood…(â„‚onception | Birth |Motherhood | Menopause) will show to be much less of a challenge & more of a sacred transformation.

There is so much transformational M A G I C available to women through their cycles.

Begin awakening to your Womb Temple Magic with regarding your moon blood as sacred as Heavenly Water to nourish ALL Life.

In Love & Womb Magic,

Dr. Laura The Womb Alchemist

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