May Refelctions


We are coming close to the month of MAY. I am personally ecstatic to be coming upon this month. It truly reveals the B E A U T Y & M A G I C of life. Roses are in full bloom opened 100% to the sky. This post is to be a sweet reminder to remember the vitality that comes with S U R R E N D E R I N G to the natural tides of the cosmos. We are traveling soon into Mercury Retrograde 4.28.16 + B E L T AN E 5.1.16. I hope this Goddess Guide supports your as we turn into the May season! May you be inspired! And may Y O U be in your beauty dear ones!


::: Mercury Retrograde :::

Goddess Goals

★Set healthy boundries

★Simplify your life

★Get clear about your priorities

Mercury Retrograde is often hyped up as a time of dread. But in reality Mercury Retrograde brings the ℙowerful Ѕuperℕatural gifts just like our Menstrual ℂycles! 

It helps bring out our:

★ℙsychic abilities

★Ѕtronger sense of intuition. 

::: The Veil is Lifted on ::: 

the Whole Planet 

Be Gentle + Kind + Loving

Take extra time out to Nourish your Goddess, Womb, Body & Soul!

Salt & Plant Bath Soaks ➳ Relax, Let go, Let be

Womb Massage ➳ Connect to your Womb Chakra

★Breathe in Love + Exhale Calmness

We need to be careful with our words and focus our energy on being as kind as possible. Mercury retrograde is a window for a cosmic do-over. The medicine of Mercury Retrograde is that we can always return home. We can always try again.

Cosmic D A T E S ::: 4.28 – 5.22 :::

::: Mercury RETRO :::

It is all about the R E


Re awake







B E L T A N E ~ May 1st

Beauty Blessings

Celebration of the GOD + GODDESSES

The ultimate D I V I N E ★ U N I O N that brings life of Flowers, Food & all of Mother Earth Creations.

::: Ritual to Honor :::

this Magical day

★Light a Candle

★Pick Flowers of Beauty

★Send your Love to the MOTHER WOMB.


“King of the Day and Queen of the Night. I honor you here in your union rite. Accept my gifts on this day of Beltane as you are joined once more! Blessed be!”

Month of May

::: G O D D E S S :::


I surrender the Divine Nature of Life. May it be so!

Sending you so much L O V E + Beauty!!!

☽☥☾ In Love & Womb Magic ☽☥☾

Laura ~ Womb Alchemist & Creatress at Radiant Moon Medicine



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