Radiant Fertility

Allow sacred time to Prepare, Nourish, & Honor your body for healthy conception.

Guidance awaits you…

I am here to assist + guide you into the remembering of your Divine Fertile Nature.

You hold the power within to balance your body & reclaim your utmost VIBRANT Fertility.

Your incoming soul is asking that you fall deeply into the trusting embrace of your body.

Are you ready to learn sacred healing tools that have been passed on for millennia to support women & their fertility?

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Radiant Fertility Healing Sessions

Your fertility is an indication of your utmost vitality allowing for your  creativity and personal will power to BLOOM.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the uterus when healthy, is regarded as rich farm land.

The womb is a symbol of our own personal garden…

While working with me 1 on 1, I support you on your journey in tending to your own fertile soil.

You will learn how to utilize complimentary medicine that deeply enhances the health of your long lasting fertility.

Our work together will EMPOWER you to Become Your Own Best Healer.

Treatments offered, infuse the art of Traditional East Asian Medicine and hands on Womb Healing techniques, which balance body, mind, and spirit.

Ready to Restore the Vibrant, Juicy, Power of your Pelvis for Radiant Fertility?

Our signature Womb Healing treatments are a fusion of authentic healing modalities that are supportive in regenerating a healthy flow of life to your reproductive organs.

Treatments aim to balance your hormones, increase the health of ovulation, calm your nervous system, brighten your spirit, and ultimately reconnect you to your sacred center in a profound way.

Treatment Goals for Radiant Fertility

✦ Increase Egg Quality

✦ Improve blood flow + homeostasis

✦ Support a healthy uterine lining

✦ Calm tension in the pelvis

✦ Decrease stress

✦ Normalize hormone levels

✦ Enhance outcome of IUI + IVF

Tools for Fertility Empowerment

✦ Instructions on Fertility Charting

✦ Prepping for Conception with Liver Detoxification

✦ Nutritional Counseling

✦ Instruction of Self-Care techniques

✦ Lab Testing to investigate root cause imbalances

Radiant Fertility Preparation

Giving yourself 90 days preconception to nourish and prepare your body for a baby is VITAL.

In my practice, I recommend to receive a combination of Acupuncture & Womb Healing Sessions for 12 weeks to ensure that you are ovulating optimally and that your menstrual cycles are healthy.

Having consistent care in this way gives us the great opportunity of creating a sacred container where we can better track your healing success.

Reproductive wellness depends so much on how we feed ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Honoring this potent 12 week window of time to intentionally prepare your body for preconception, allows you to deeply optimize the health of your WHOLE body.

We create a path together as partners in wellness, which will lay out a strong foundation for your utmost fertility.

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