Eclipsing Magick Unfolding

Blood Moon in Lioness Eclipse Magick

Gateway of Transformation

Grandmother Moon’s gravity pulled my gaze like an ocean tide. Witnessing her exquisite moon dance of transformation. We watched the ruby red darkness of earth’s shadow casted upon the moon.

As she traversed all her phases for an entire lunar cycle in a little less than 3 hours so did the collective! A culmination of timelines are being cleared & released now.

You may feel these great waves of change churning with in you. In the wake of this Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse, there will be much more transformation occurring in the next few months.

Your Darkness is Beautiful

That night, Grandmother Moon was speaking to us…

“Be unafraid of your darkness my child. Embrace your darkness fully. The darkness is beautiful…the darkness is beautiful…YOUR darkness is beautiful…”

It was in that moment I too could see that my darkness was/is beautiful & that Gaia’s shadow was/is my shadow…

An alchemical cosmic moment. La Luna opened herself up to reflect the darkness of Gaia. So that we may see fully & completely our truth of oneness. The Moon illuminated by the Sun + Earth…where darkness & light coexist. In that instance…there was no separation.

Grounding + Ritual

We must create sacred space for all of these moving currents to be & flow. Remember to stay grounded, come home to your HEART, & breathe.

If the energy feels like it is spinning, nourish your soul with plant ritual baths, meditation, extra hydration, yoga, massage, acupuncture, song & prayer.

Whatever YOU need to do right now to stay grounded…do just that! Fully accept & honor all of yourself…holy & completely…the LIGHT + the DARK.

Darkness into Light

That night beyond the eclipse, La Luna shined her light bright as ever… like a radiant snow crystal, Her silvery, luminescent rainbow LOVE showered upon the earth. Her Medicine brings with it a new dawn, lighting up the pathway into a new era of understanding.

May we understand nature as a metaphor. Nature is continuously reflecting deep messages of wisdom. La Luna reveals to us to be absolutely UNAFRAID of our shadow. As we allow ourselves to be washed, to understand the shadow aspect of our being, we awaken our light even brighter.

In Love & Womb Magick,

Dr. Laura Brown The Womb Alchemist

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