Goddess Compass

Harnessing your Goddess Compass is an essential key to living a balanced, harmonious and healthy life. It means to live with the natural cycle of nature.

Being a feminine being, it is vital that we know when our bodies need extra rest, and when our bodies have extra energy. If we can tune in to the rhythmic tides of our personal energy we can be more fully awakened to our potent feminine power.

Tuning into your Goddess Compass means to tune into your sacred rhythm. Your sacred rhythm is your P O W E R.

An easy way to remember your cyclical nature is to remember that we are changing beings. Just like the changing seasons. Every month we dance, we turn, we transform. And each phase holds an influential magic.

Goddess Compass + The 4 Seasons + Moon Phases

Winter ✦ Menstrual Moon Magic Time ✦ New Moon

Spring ✦ Pre Ovulation Time ✦ Waxing Moon

Summer ✦ Ovulation Time ✦ Full Moon

Fall ✦ Pre Menstrual Strength Time ✦ Waning Moon

Menstural Cycle Preparation Season of the Fall

As you begin to prepare for your menstrual moon time, your body naturally ebbs into the cycle of having less energy. You may feel the need for M O R E rest or feel L E S S task orientated.

Your feminine body is preparing for her bleeding ceremony so it is important to listen to her needs. If you can allow for more rest and nourishment during this time, you maximize your feminine energetic/creative potential for the next phases!

Fall & Winter Ritual

Herbal Ritual Tea such as Red Raspberry Leaf, Oat Straw, Mint and Hibiscus to support healthy womb wellness, relaxation, & overall reproductive health.

Ovulation Preparation Season of Spring

This is your time of HEIGHTENED energy. Preparing for ovulation and the ovulation phase is the time of your feminine cycle to be outwardly creative, to dream B I G.

The time is N O W to take your visions and manifest them into their creative potential. You may feel extra inspired as though you are the Q U E E N of multitasking. Because you ARE!

Spring & Summer Ritual

Womb Massage. Apply an herbal oil lovingly to your pelvic region for a relaxing womb massage.

Honor the Beauty of Change

It is time to remember our cyclical nature. To honor the beauty of change that lives within our wombs and to honor the beauty of change that lives upon our Mother Earth.

N O W is the time to remember the medicine of the feminine. Tuning in…Connecting Deeper. Understanding our relationship to the magic of divine flow is everything for living a life in balance!

So remember the ebb and flow of life, wanes and waxes inside of our feminine beings too

In Love & Womb Magic,

Dr. Laura The Womb Alchemist

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