Divine Feminine Cycle

Spring is Here

The light is beginning to emerge a little more. The warm sun is reminded to shine a little more brightly. The soil is soaked from the winters passed & the plant spirits are ready to begin the next phase.

Spring is rising slowly but steady. The blooming fragrance is in the air. Goddess Eostre has graced the energies with the remembering of growth, fertility, abundance & sacred cycle.

Spring Phase

Every cycle, woman have the sacred opportunity to align with this spring blooming energy. It is comparable to the pre-ovulatory phase. It is the archetype of the Maiden.

There are key hormones at play. The rising of estridiol + testosterone allow for the inspired boost of energy. A feeling of blooming into beauty & perfection. Pre-ovulation is a time of balance, strength & insight. Dreams & visions tend to be clear & your muti-tasking abilities are at an all time high.

Ebb & Flow Your Cyclical Nature

It is vital to understand the natural ebbs + flows of your wombanly dance. In this way you may optimize your energy for ultimate balance.

When you begin to harness your womb compass you begin to live your life truly aligned to your most inner power.

We must listen deeply to our bodies changing phases. The more we understand our bodies cyclical nature and listen to the need for rest and replenishment, the more we can restore, rebuild and activate our energy accordingly.

Pre Ovulation Energies

 Maiden | Spring | Pre-Ovulation


Changing Seasons

Nature has paused in her half light & half dark time. Equinox is a perfect portal for calling in Balance & Continuing Regeneration & Renewal.

Live a life in harmony by tuning into the ebb & flow of your sacred cycle! Because each phase brings you a potent magical power.

What are you dreaming? What are you creating? What phase are you in?

Blessings to you magical beings!!!

In Love & Womb Magic

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