Acupuncture + Traditional East Asian Medicine for Women

Traditional East Asian Medicine is based on the principles of balancing Qi, restoring Jing & nourishing Blood, which are believed to be the vital life forces that shapes all living beings.

It is a 5 thousand year old medical philosophy based on Yin + Yang Theory and the 5 Elements. It examines the energetic constitution of a person by evaluating organ systems and meridians (pathways for life-energy, or “qi”).

The Five Elements: FIRE, EARTH, METAL, WATER, & WOOD…

Describes the dynamic state of Qi and the interconnectedness of all the systems. It provides guidance for creating balance and harmony to restore health.

Tongue analysis and pulse evaluation are used for examination & diagnosis.  The goal with this ancient medicine is to reach a balance of systems to resolve a disease state.

Traditional East Asian Medicine has been used for centuries to support women at every phase of life…

Huang Di Nei Jing, an Ancient Chinese Text, tells us that a woman’s Qi, and specifically her kidney Qi, moves in 7 year cycles.

Women are cyclical in nature…

When we care for each phase of our hormonal cycle with Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, one can greatly protect + preserve the precious Qi, Blood, & Jing (Essence).

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) understands and views a women’s life cycle as an intricate wheel of time that coincides with the seasons. Just as the Earth moves through changing seasons and the Moon moves through changing phases, so does a woman.

At Radiant Moon Medicine, treatments are specifically designed to support women at EVERY phase of life. Areas of focus include:

Menstrual Health, Fertility + Conception, Pregnancy Support, Labor & Birth Support, Postpartum Wellness, & Perimenopaus/Menopause.

Foundational principles of TCM diagnosis are woven into each treatment to address an individual’s unique constitution so that we can thoroughly assess the root causes of ones symptoms.

It is fundamental in TCM to always bring the body back to balance through harmonizing the flow of Qi + Blood.

By inserting fine acupuncture needles along sacred meridian pathways & points, balance is restored.

Receiving Consistent Healing Care with the Ancient Art of TCM

TCM differs from conventional medicine, in that it focuses on preventive care. With Regular monthly treatments, ingesting herbal formulas, and healthy lifestyle shifts one can build a strong constitution & maintain an equilibrium of mind, body & spirit.

At Radiant Moon Medicine, we utilize specialized acupuncture treatments to coincide with the changing phases of the cycle… Menstrual, Follicular, Ovulatory,  Luteal, Conception, Pre-Menstrual and beyond.

Women are rhythmic beings, are cyclical in nature and ever changing.  Our signature healing teatments are designed to match and encourage what is going on naturally in a woman’s body. Which is why we focus on balancing the changing phases of the menstrual cycle.

Our main goal with healing sessions is to support the ebb and flow of your hormonal cycle. So that your body can feel ALIVE, RADIANT, and FLOURISHING!

By receiving acupuncture on a consistent basis you support the body greatly to have enhanced immunity, increased vitality, balanced hormones, and a relaxed nervous system.

Consistent healing care for women from a TCM medical approach, support and prepare the body, mind and spirit for a healthy, long & VIBRANT life.

These ancient healing tools have been used for thousands of years to help women. They offer healing to strengthen, balance and harmonize the physical + energetic body.

Acupuncture + Womb Healing at Radiant Moon Medicine go Hand in Hand…

Our Signature treatments combine the power of East Asian Medicine with hands on Womb/Pelvic healing techniques to provide specialized health care for women at every phase of life.

Post treatment one will feel a sense of renewal…your mind, body, and soul are RESET…your cheeks show a rosy radiance, your eyes beam a crystal clarity, and your Shen (Spirit)…well it shines BRIGHT!

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