A Centered Womb


Your womb is naturally a mobile organ. The uterus needs this mobility for the possibility of growing up to 30 pounds of weight by the time she is full term and ready to labor.

The womb naturally moves when you move. She hangs like a hammock in the center of your pelvis and is attached by ligaments that hold her up in center.

These ligaments are of course flexible, stretchable, and OH SO resilient! The uterus often wanders in the pelvic cavity. Meaning she can favor the left side, right side, lean forward on the bladder, or even backward on the rectum.

Womb health begins with an aligned and centered position…

When your womb is in her utmost centered place, the proper amount of healthy oxygenated blood can flow to her easy. It is as if she is sitting proudly on her throne, so that she can receive the grandest benefits of life!

Womb massage plays an important role in strengthening and toning the uterine ligaments. It is like exercising a muscle. When you practice womb massage you are nourishing the blood flow to the ligaments, which in turn support the uterus to be in optimal center position.

Your ovaries, and fallopian tubes also glean the benefits of this healthy flow of nutrients, as they have their very own blood supply! As more nutrient, rich blood is circulated to the pelvis, congestion clears, and health is reclaimed.

Do to our modern day lifestyles the pelvis especially is one of the least circulated areas in the body, so it is more important than ever to utilize self-care massage techniques to revitalize the health of the womb and pelvic space.

3 Rituals for a Centered Womb

☽ 1 ☾ Womb massage
Massaging your womb is easy, especially with Radiant Moon Medicine’s signature oil blend Womb Beauty. This oil nourishes the reproductive organs, while calming the entire pelvic space.

☽ 2 ☾ Womb Steam Rituals
This sacred remedy has been used by women and midwives for millennia. It is a rich, therapeutic technique to naturally cleanse the womb, but also nourish vaginal tissue. Read more about this beautiful remedy here.

☽ 3 ☾ Womb Meditation
Meditation is a powerful way to clear old stories out of the root and sacral chakras. Our wombs are hollow organs, and tend to hold on to stories of our past, even our ancestors past. Wombs connect us to the women of our lineage, when we heal our womb, we heal our entire lineage of womb trauma. Healing the womb is healing the feminine. Radiant Moon Medicine offers a free womb heart meditation. It is also very healing to make your own.

In Love & Womb Magic,

Dr. Laura The Womb Alchemist

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