Yoni Steam Baths…Don’t Knock It Till You Try It

In response to all of the Yoni steam shaming on social media right now…

Womb Love

I have witnessed incredible healing using the pelvic steam baths for myself & other women. It was personally a remedy that pushed me into full healing with my womb. I suffered painful menstruation for many, many years and this was a key therapy for me to find my way to health. It is important to remember that this is not an invasive therapy such as douching. Yes, our vagina’s are “self cleaning”, but this therapy is not to “clean” the vagina. It is a therapy for women to sit and be nourished by a gentle warm sensation. This warm healing sensation allows for your pelvic bowl to relax, open, and feel good. The steam is naturally expansive and rises up into the pelvic bowl, bringing a most sacred sensation of healing. The gentle heat circulates the blood and clears stagnation. In this modern age, the pelvic area is the least circulated area in men & women as we are very much a sitting culture.

It is our right to feel good, to feel healthy & whole. How many of us have used heat on our wombs for instance to ease pain during menstruation? Yoni steams have been used for thousands of years in the midwifery community mainly post birth for healing and even today it is a very common practice in certain countries such as Korea. With in the modern medical establishment very invasive therapies commonly used on the female reproductive region are deemed as “safe & effective.”  I know far too many women these days, who are advised by their doctors to slather toxic gel meds onto their vulva’s to combat yeast infections for instance. And this is “medically acceptable” it is a “normal” protocol. It is also medically acceptable for big companies like tampax products to soak tampons and pads with fragrance, chemicals, bleach, and pesticides. Not only that, these big companies get away with selling their products without proper labeling of all these harmful substances. Well this is a H U G E problem! The vaginal area is the most permeable area in the body. Any thing that is administered in that region goes straight into the blood stream. Y E S you heard me…YUCK! There is much to speak about here…

My advice to you is to give a yoni steam bath a try. Just because the medical establishment does not value this ancient therapy does not mean it has no value. The fact that the vaginal steam baths are making such a come back these past couple of years says a lot! Be your own guide. While you sit over this warm herbal steaming bath, you are called into clearing your body, womb, and soul. Every woman must have this opportunity of rest, honor, and connection. You are warmed to the core from the depths of your being, deeper than your bones. The center of your womb is enlivened again. Imagine that!

There is nothing quite like resting your pelvis, yoni, and womb over a warm bowl of steaming herbal medicine. Let the steam do its magic, and allow the healing to begin. Rest your body and receive the most precious gift of warmth.

☽☥☾ In Love & Womb Magic ☽☥☾

Laura ~ Womb Alchemist & Creatress at Radiant Moon Medicine


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