Winter Rituals

Every change of the season, I like to reflect on the past few months. What has worked for me this cycle? What has supported my energy levels? What has sustained my calm and gentle attitude? What has inspired me to be healthy, and happy? Every cycle I am learning to finely tune. What I do know is that self care... Read More

A Centered Womb

Your womb is naturally a mobile organ. The uterus needs this mobility for the possibility of growing up to 30 pounds of weight by the time she is full term and ready to labor. The womb naturally moves when you move. She hangs like a hammock in the center of your pelvis and is attached by ligaments that hold her... Read More

A Letter in Honor of my Moon

La Luna turns 100% full as my first drops of womb blood flow this eve. There is a great feeling of magic that fills my whole being… …knowing that my womb is so in tune with the mystic moon dance. Bleeding with the full moon allows for my being to have a little extra energy as I let flow my... Read More

Moon Ritual

Feminine Dance of the Moon The Moon is associated with the feminine. The average length of the menstrual cycle is 29 days, which is exactly the length of time that the moon takes to orbit the earth. The average length of pregnancy is 265.8 days, almost 9 lunar months. As the Moon dances in transformation so does the feminine cycle.... Read More

Radiant Womb Medicine

Radiant Moon Medicine is your premiere destination for Ultimate Womb Transformation… ◅◅◅▻▻▻ Educating woman about the magic of their Wombs, Fallopian tubes, Ꮎvaries, the entire pelvic center, is an essential key in unlocking the great feminine mysteries which naturally sit inside every women. ◅◅◅▻▻▻ When I sit down with women in consultation & begin to unravel the story of our... Read More

Fall Equinox

We are midst an Equinox, Eclipse Energy, Mercury Retrograde, & a Super Full Moon. Let The Magic In Goddesses!!! ::: Key Elements ::: Health Forgiveness Manifesting Healing Staying Youthful Attracting New Experiences Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse The super full moon, full lunar eclipse starts September 27th and on September 17th Mercury went retrograde. This is a time of major... Read More

Emerald Nettles

One of my most revered and go to plant is Nettles. This blessed green vine will nourish your goddess self to the bone! It can be used for any phase of women hood to support building the blood, maintaining energy, and supporting liver health. Nettle infusion is the emerald energy of the Earth. Nettle rebuilds the adrenals and the kidneys,... Read More

Sacred Menstruation

 Moon Blood… Bringing about a new awareness to your menstruation time can be the first step in the understanding of this sacred time. Seeing this time as a time of rest is important. Retract from your normal day to day activities and allow for more gentleness. More warm foods, warm teas, warm heat on the womb, these are all simple... Read More

Yoni Steaming

Yoni Steaming I S a supreme treatment for your Womb Temple & Your Divine Feminine Spirit Yoni steam baths, V-Steams or Vaginal Steam Baths, are an old respected treatment for women used by Maya midwives and healers. Bajos, as they are known in Central America, are used to assist in the cleansing, and nourishing of the uterus in conjunction with... Read More
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