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The wisdom of women is linked to the womb & the power of the womb is the power of cycles. 

Art by Catie Atkinson
Art by Catie Atkinson

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Womb wellness is a key element to a woman’s health. The importance of womb health expresses itself in every phase of womanhood. Whether it be during the menstrual phase, fertility phase, pregnancy phase, and postpartum phase, your womb is the main indicator of your well being. A woman’s womb is like her first consciousness. It is a symbol of her true self, her inner self, or her intuition. Beauty from the inside out can shine when our wombs are respected, honored, and loved.

Symptoms arise to wake us up. They draw our attention to the part of the body where they occur. We cannot escape our wombs if they are making pain. Symptoms are messages from the body. The womb tells a woman everything about her personal physical and emotional state of health.

Treatment Therapies available at Radiant Moon Medicine are designed to support women in re-establishing a sacred connection to their personal womb space. This is a first step in reclaiming the health of your womb. Whether one is wanting healthier menstrual cycles, or wanting to soon conceive, understanding your reproductive organs on a deeper level will ultimately guide you on this journey.

Listen to the call of your womb. She is awaiting your surrender to her guidance.

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