Womb Reiki


Our Wombs are our Feminine Creative Center of Power

Send L O V E + LIGHT to your Sacred Center



w o m b

h e a l i n g

Womb Reiki is for healthy womb support. Reiki is the life force energy that flows through us all. This life force energy has many names; spirit, qi, prana, vitality, essence, Shakti, Kundalini. When our life force energy is at its most optimal level, we are more capable of being happy, healthy, and more creative.

Our wombs are our feminine creative center of power and the reproductive organs of women are extremely responsive. Often times, problems arise due to emotions and feelings stored in our bodies.

By coming to terms with the deep feelings that may have scarred our innermost beings, we can unleash our creative powers and awaken our fertility. Womb Reiki helps with emotional release, clears trauma, supports us in letting go of partners, and prepares us for new love. It also promotes healing of our sacral chakra center and clears and releases stagnant energies.  Doing this, we can flourish in our feminine power, fertility, joy, creativity, and abundance.


It is easy to practice womb reiki on yourself. All you need is a focused mind, a heart full of compassion, and your healing hands. This is a beautiful treatment to start or end the day.


1. Lye down comfortably
2. Bring your healing hands to the space beneath your navel
3. Take 3 calming breaths
4. Inhale & fill your hands with warm golden light
5. Exhale & pour this warm golden light into your womb
6. Continue for 3 cycles
7. Finish with an affirmation: I Trust my Womb. I Love My Womb.

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