Womb Healing

The womb is the gateway of all human life. When the womb is honored & respected, she becomes a channel of power, creativity, & beauty ~ & joy reigns on earth.

Queen Afua

Rosita Arvigo & Me in Belize on her sacred land

✧☽ W O M B ✧☽


The Arvigo Techinques® are for the reproductive and digestive systems. It is an external, non- invasive, manipulation using only hands to reposition reproductive organs and improve blood flow. It guides the womb into proper position for optimum health and well-being. This hands on therapy plays an important role in strengthening and toning the uterine ligaments, which in turn supports the uterus to be in optimal center position. Your ovaries, and fallopian tubes also glean the benefits of this gentle hands on technique. As more nutrient, rich blood is circulated to the pelvis, congestion clears, and health is reclaimed. I welcome you to bring your womb into center… She will thank you!

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Traditional healing is the first medicine. Today, traditions around the world, including Asia, Central America, and Eastern Europe, utilize many time old healing modalities such as abdominal massage, cupping, acupuncture, prayer, pulse diagnosis, herbal medicine, and herbal hydrotherapy. These practices are used to care for the health and wellness of the community. Especially within the midwifery and birthing communities in many of these above regions, abdominal/womb massage, postpartum belly binds, & vaginal steaming are and were very common practices used to support Mama & baby.

Dr. Rosita Arvigo, DN, Ethnobotanist, and Herbalist, developed The Arvigo Techniques® after closely apprenticing with her teachers Don Elijio Panti (Maya Elder), Miss Hortence (Maya Midwife)  and Miss Beatrice (Maya Elder) in Belize. Dr. Rosita Arvigo was able to shed light on the importance of womb massage and traditional healing methods in the modern world. She has bridged the art of modern science with the wisdom of traditional healing. There are various styles of abdominal massage  practiced in the Central American region, primarily among the traditional midwives and healers. Presently, The Arvigo Therapy and other forms of pelvic therapy and abdominal massage techniques are becoming popular at large. We live in a time where this work is desperately needed to support the health and well being of the female reproductive organs.

.:. H E A L .:.

Painful Periods
Hormonal Imbalances
Fertility Challenges
Ovarian cysts
Chronic miscarriages
Low Backache
Painful Intercourse
Frequent urination
Scar tissue

Pictured above: Womb Healing Session @ Radiant Moon Medicine

 Benefits for

All Phases of



✧☽ Moon Cycle ✧☽

Harmonize the menstrual cycle
 Address cramps
  Restore healthy flow
  Increases blood flow to the pelvis
   Tones & cleanses the uterine lining

At different stages over a lifetime, moon cycles vary from woman to woman. The Moon time is like a barometer of physical and emotional health. Cycles can vary in length, anything from 21 days to 45 is ‘normal’, depending on what is consistent for you. It is when erratic cycles happen that attention be given. Healthy blood is red with minimal clotting, the flow lasting for no more than 3–5 days. Mild discomfort in the first few hours is common, but headaches, water retention and so many of the other symptoms that many women accept, are not healthy. Being in tune with your natural rhythm allows one to engage with life harmoniously. Honoring yourself and your moon time, with extra rest, care, compassion and self love is a wonderful way to treat yourself. It is so helpful to know your own cycle for many reasons, and here we invite you to reconnect with your moon time, which is a revolutionary act!

✧☽ Fertility ✧☽

Fertility is a state of being which influences many areas of ones life. Before a seed is planted, it is important to prepare the soil. Rich soil is most receptive to the healthy creation of life. Opening up to the ritual of supporting one’s mind, body, and spirit, is a vital step on the pathway to conception. When you are fertile you are vibrant and healthy.

Once the uterus is in its optimal position, there is improved blood flow and homeostasis to support and enhance fertility. By helping the uterus return to its optimal position, the body can clear congestion in the pelvis, support a healthy uterine lining, and normalize hormone levels to support fertility and sustain a healthy pregnancy.

Abdominal & pelvic massage are effective for increasing fertility in many women who have had difficulty conceiving. The use of uterine massage for fertility enhancement is particularly effective in combination with acupuncture, herbal medicine, and mind body therapies. These techniques can also be safely used in combination to enhance effectiveness of Assisted Reproductive Technologies.

✧☽ Pregnancy ✧☽

“Pregnancy is a process that invites you to surrender to the unseen force behind all life.”

Judy Ford

Abdominal massage can be received throughout pregnancy. The techniques change depending on which trimester the mother is in.  This is an excellent treatment for insuring healthy blood supply to the fetus, proper fetal positioning for delivery, and a more comfortable pregnancy and labor. With regular massage, the uterus stays well positioned, and grows strong and resilient. Experience the ease of delivery that accompanies women who receive this special massage treatment throughout their pregnancy.

::P R E G N A N C Y::

Womb Support For

Physical discomfort during pregnancy
Increase circulation to mother and baby
Alleviates frequent urination
Low Backache
Heal, lift, strengthen the uterus, ligaments & pelvic floor
Morning sickness
Ligament pain & discomfort
Breech presentation

✧☽ Be Nourished ✧☽


It is so important for new Moms to be loved and cared for, as the goddesses they are, after the passage of birth. Abdominal massage + yoni steams can be resumed 2-6 weeks after birth in order to realign the pelvis, renew vitality, encourage better uterine position, and to facilitate the healing of tears, scar tissue, hemorrhoids and Diastasis Recti. This is absolutely necessary and highly beneficial in assisting the internal organs to gently and safely return to their normal position and function. If you have had a C-section you can still receive the work, but you must wait until six weeks after the birth.

✧☽ Healing Ritual ✧☽

For Pregnancy Loss

Receiving care post pregnancy loss is essential for restoring emotional, physical and spiritual health.  A healing treatment focuses on tonifying the tissues and placement of the organs. In addition to abdominal massage, the use of other alternative medicine therapies such as herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, energy balancing, pelvic steam baths and self-care practices are used to further support.

Healthy ✧☽


Entering menopause does not mean we are any less connected to the moon. One has now entered the phase of the high and wise Queen. Menopause is the final initiation in your menstrual journey. Menopause is Awakening, and therefore potentially deeply empowering and liberating, as you step into a sustained expanded consciousness and sense of oneness with the world. Abdominal massage helps to improve the blood flow and balance throughout the pelvis and abdomen, thus helping to minimize the symptoms associated with menopause.

“Like an electrical charge, menstruation and the ebb and flow of energy is an “alternating current.” During menopause, the flow of energy becomes intensified and steady, like a “direct current.” We are charged with energy to the degree we have opened ourselves to the wisdom of the Crone.”

Farida Shaw

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Contraindications | Cautions | Modifications

There are certain conditions where application of these techniques are either contraindicated or require modification.

✷ During active menstruation
✷ IUD (intra-uterine device for contraception) is present
✷ Immediately after abdominal surgery
✷ Active infection or cancer present in pelvic area
✷ During the first trimester (19 weeks) of pregnancy
✷ Hiatal Hernia (gentle massage required)
✷ Diastasis Rectus (modification techniques)
✷ Pessary for uterine prolapse (remove prior to your session)
✷ Any serious health condition that causes you concern

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