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Every change of the season, I like to reflect on the past few months. What has worked for me this cycle? What has supported my energy levels? What has sustained my calm and gentle attitude? What has inspired me to be healthy, and happy? Every cycle I am learning to finely tune. What I do know is that self care is a MUST. Self care to me reveals itself as a creative out pouring of love. This out pouring of love comes in many forms. This is a quick post to remind all goddess city dwellers to activate their self care rituals every day! It is as simple as care taking your beautiful body! Below are 3 goddess body beauty self care rituals that can easily be integrated in ones busy goddess life!

☽ 1 ☾ Goddess Body Sugar Scrub

Now that it is winter, it is probably the most important time to nourish your skin. As the winter months are more cold, our skin tends to be more dry. Utilizing a buttery sugar scrub is a wonderful self care ritual! You can use a gentle exfoliating scrub in the shower or bath to support the movement of your lymphatic system. This will help tone, and nourish your sacred body. You can easily make your own scrub at home. All you need is organic sugar, organic oil, and a nice essential oil blend!

☽ 2 ☾ Goddess Body Butter Down

One of my favorites! Out of the shower or bath gently massage your goddess body with this decedent body butter. Cocoa butter, mango seed butter, coconut oil. This body butter literally makes your mouth water & your chocolate senses come alive. It leaves your skin feeling & smelling heavenly. Awaken your inner Queen by nourishing and loving up your beautiful body.

☽ 3 ☾ Rose Splash

Rose water awakens the energy of beauty, femininity & lightness. Rose water naturally improves your complexion and enhances the beauty of your skin. Post your normal facial cleanser spray this Goddess Elixir gently on your face. Let it dry naturally or pat dry, following up with your favorite moisturizing cream. The scent of rose has demonstrated its strength and effectiveness as a safe, all-natural antidepressant and anti-anxiety treatment. So, a little rose on the face not only improves your complexion but also your mood and overall mental well-being. Open your heart & revive the magic!

Wishing you a Beauty & Love as you awaken the magic of Self Care this Winter!

☽☥☾ In Love & Womb Magic ☽☥☾

Laura ~ Womb Alchemist & Creatress at Radiant Moon Medicine



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