Rates + Services

rmmtreatmentsInitial Session

$275 | 2 Hours

Description:  Includes a thorough health history review. A full Abdominal Therapy Treatment  will follow. Wonderful self-care rituals are discussed.


Follow Up Session

$150 | 70 Minutes

Description: Includes a brief consultation & full Abdominal Therapy Treatment. Follow up & check in with treatment plan.


Yoni Steam Ritual Package

$190 | 3 Yoni Steam Ritual’s

|3 Steam Series at a $50 Savings|


radiantwombgift6  Session Series + 3 Yoni Steam Ritual’s

at a $150 Savings


Consider diving deeper into the healing of your sacred womb temple. Whether it be to minimize pain and discomfort of your monthly cycle, prepare your womb for pregnancy, or provide overall reproductive health. The Radiant Womb Gift Package is a glorious program, which allows you to be more committed to your health goals. These 6 monthly sessions will give you the knowledge and confidence in addressing your body’s sacred rhythms and allow for deep womb healing. The time is now to awaken to your sacred womb power and to honor your divine feminine essence. Embrace the natural wise women remedies that have guided women and their health for millennia.

MINI GODDESS KIT INCLUDED: Womb Beauty Massage Oil + Rose Splash

Commit to a series of 6 follow up sessions + 3 yoni steam ritual’s for 6 months with a savings of $150 when paid in full. This is a beautiful way to gift yourself the sweet ritual of loving and honoring your womb temple in a whole new light.

***This Package is for 6 Follow Up sessions & 3 Yoni Steam Rituals.

Must complete the 6 sessions with in 6 months of purchase.


extrasPhone + Skype Consultations

Initial Consult ~ $180 | 60 minutes

Follow up Consult ~ $90 | 30 minutes

For those of you who are near and far, and are called to awaken to the wisdom of your sacred womb, I offer  phone/Zoom consultations.  Phone consultations are a wonderful way to receive the guidance and support you need on your path to womb healing from a distance. Personalized treatment plans are designed just for YOU! This includes a detailed follow up of valuable resources + recommendations that are gathered & compiled with my 10 plus years experience working in the field women’s reproductive health.

Yoni Steam Ritual ~ $80 | 50 minutes

HEAL your QUEENDOM! Yoni Steam baths bring warmth + healing to the womb. The combination of herbs work to nourish, tone, bring in fresh oxygenated blood to the pelvic bowl. If you are coming in solely for the Yoni Steam Ritual, there will be a mini intake & introduction before your steam treatment. Learn more about Yoni Steams.

Herbal Castor Oil  ~ $50 | 45 minutes

Rest post treatment with the application of warm magical castor oil. The castor oil pack will bring in fresh oxygenated,  nutrient rich blood to the reproductive organs, including the uterus. This warming & invigorating oil is known to clear stagnation in the lymphatic system + detox the liver. Radiant Moon Medicine’s signature herbal infused Miracle Castor Oil is applied, which has extra magical healing benefits. Learn more about Castor Oil healing.

Cancellation Policy

Please note, we have 48 hour cancellation policy. This allows for someone else to schedule during that time slot. Please be sure to call or email, if you need to reschedule your appointment. Cancelling or missing an appointment without 48 hours notice will require payment in full before the next scheduled appointment. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding to this policy. Individual exceptions are made for IVF & IUI cycles, the possibility of pregnancy, and unexpected changes in the menstrual cycle.


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