Radiant Womb Gift Bundle

12  Acupuncture Sessions  +

3 Womb Healing Sessions +

3 Yoni Steam Rituals

Receive Weekly Acupuncture + Monthly Womb Healing Sessions for 90 Days!

3 Monthly Installments of $620 with a savings of $300

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I WELCOME you Dear Soul…

To embrace the natural wise women remedies that have guided women and their reproductive health for millennia.

It is time to remember the Medicine of the Feminine, which is inherent in us ALL.

Work with me 1 on 1 for 3 months and receive the women’s health care you deserve!

I am a Doctor of Acupuncture & East Asian Medicine and I am an expert in the field of Pelvic Health & Women’s Medicine.

Guidance awaits you…I am here to assist + guide you 1 on 1 into the remembering of your divine feminine nature.

You hold the power. You hold the KEY to your destiny. Your WOMB healing potential…it is LIMITLESS…it is VAST…and it is REVOLUTIONARY!

Do you feel the call to connect deeper to your most sacred center?

Do you feel the call to heal your womb & live your BEST, most balanced life?

Do you feel the need for a more holistic, integrative, & nourishing approach to women’s health and healing?

Acupuncture, Womb Healing, & Traditional Chinese Medicine are beneficial for women at ALL stages & phases of life.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts, Menstrual Cramps, Hormone Imbalances, Painful Ovulation, Poor Egg Health, Unexplained Infertility, Vaginal Dryness, Low Energy, Constipation, Scar Tissue, Tilted Uterus, Stress, Poor Circulation…the list could go on!

There are many reproductive wellness issues that Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture & Womb Healing can address.

You CAN heal!

Radiant Moon Medicine is a sanctuary for NEXT LEVEL quality care for all your Womb Health Dreams. Our mission is to revolutionize women’s medicine.

At Radiant Moon Medicine we believe in the health and happiness of all wombs everywhere, where education is empowerment.

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The benefits are MANY. Consider diving deeper into the healing of your pelvic space. Whether it be…

✦ to minimize pain & discomfort during menstruation & increase the health of your uterus

✦ to optimize your fertility & prepare your womb for a healthy & strong pregnancy

✦ to improve blood flow to the pelvis, eliminate adhesion & breakup scar tissue

✦ to promote hormonal balance by strengthening the hormonal feedback loop

✦ to reduce stress, calm tension & relax your nervous system

✦ to heal from pelvic trauma including sexual trauma, surgical trauma & birth trauma

✦ to release energy of anger, grief & sadness that may be stored in the pelvis post miscarriage, abortion, or past trauma

✦ to restore your sexual vitality & increase a lost libido

 W H Y it is recommended to utilize this bundle over a a 90 day period?

Because, consistency is K E Y while on the path of healing…And our bodies are cyclical in nature.

You can never have acupuncture sessions too close together, but you can have them to far apart. East Asian Medicine is based on the principles of preventive care.

On average while on the healing journey I recommend acupuncture 1x/week for 90 days until symptoms have subsided & personal health goals are reached.

Interestingly enough, the cycle of an egg in preparation for ovulation is around 90 days. In this way, you give yourself the time & space necessary to balance your hormones, make healthy lifestyle choices, decrease stress, and make transformational change.

Working with me 1 on 1 during this window of time, gives you the confidence and skills to heal yourself naturally with the art of ancient medicine + self care ritual practices.

This is a unique opportunity for you to deeply INVEST in yourself and take divine action towards your health!

The Radiant Womb Gift Bundle…

Is a wonderful offering, which allows you to be more committed + aligned to your reproductive wellness goals.

Acupuncture, Womb Healing, & Traditional Chinese Medicine have been used for centuries to help women increase their vitality and create utmost health.

It is time to call in your dream of having a HEALTHY BABY…It is time to be PAIN FREE in your pelvis…It is time to have HARMONIOUS cycles…It is time to increase your sexual vitality…WHATEVER it may be…IT IS TIME!

Are you ready to Remember, Reclaim, & Restore your power within? If so, click the link below!

I am so looking forward to deepening into the Medicine of the Feminine with you!

In Love & Womb Magick,

Dr. Laura Brown LAc

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***This Bundle is for 12 acupuncture Follow Up Sessions + 3 Womb Healing Follow up Sessions + 3 Womb Steam Rituals. 3 monthly payments of $620. Must complete treatment sessions within 6 months of purchase.

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