Moon Cycle Magic


“Relax & close your eyes and let the visions come. Rest now and give your moon blood to nourish the mother who nourishes us. Relax & let the visions come…”


Art by Catie Atkinson
Art by Catie Atkinson


Honoring yourself & your moon time, with extra rest, care, compassion & self love is a wonderful way to treat yourself. It is key to know your own cycle for many reasons. At Radiant Moon Medicine, we invite you to reconnect with your moon time, which is a revolutionary act!


 What is a Healthy Moon Cycle ?


At different stages over a lifetime, moon cycles vary from woman to woman. The Moon time is like a barometer of physical and emotional health. Cycles can vary in length, anything from 21 days to 45 is ‘normal’, depending on what is consistent for you. It is when erratic cycles happen that attention be given. Healthy blood is red with minimal clotting, the flow lasting for no more than 3–5 days. Mild discomfort in the first few hours is common, but headaches, water retention and so many of the other symptoms that many women accept, are not healthy. Being in tune with your natural rhythm allows one to engage with life harmoniously.


W O M B + Moon Cycle


:::G o d d e s s:::


Did you know that many cultures around the world have connected the moon with the feminine. In Chinese Medicine the feminine is Yin. The Yin energies are associated with the Moon, Darkness, and Water. It is also very interesting to note that the average length of the menstrual cycle is 29 days, which is E X A C T L Y the length of time that the moon takes to orbit the earth. The average length of pregnancy is 265.8 days, almost nine lunar months. This is just pure M A G I C!

Learn more about your Sacred

Goddess Compass + Lunar Rhythms

The root word  for menstruation mens, is the same for moon, month and measurement. Menstruation is  always connected with the Lunar Phases. Before we were city dwellers, the moon played an important role on our feminine cycle. The tides of the moon are directly synced with the tides of our womb. The first calendar was based on a women’s menstrual cycle. When we live more closely with the land and away from city lights, women will find themselves bleeding with the dark moon and ovulating with the full moon.  This is Because the moon light affects the pituitary gland and a woman’s hormonal function.

Do you notice your cycle syncing up with the Moon?

Do you bleed with the full moon or do you bleed with the New Moon?

Moon Cycle Magic

Moon Cycle Ritual + Ceremony


Women must know again that the menstrual cycle is a time of ceremony. Our moon time is our first rights of passage, it is our first stop to the alter. I truly believe that if we can be celebrated and honored during this major transformation, that our subsequent rights of passage through womanhood ~ conception, birth, motherhood, menopause ~ will show to be much easier. There is so much transformational magic available to women through their cycles.

The sanskrit word for menstruation and season are the same ~ Ritu.

Through the act of ritual we can honor and connect to the natural bodily process of bleeding. Ritual or ceremony allows us to reclaim womb health. When we bring awareness to the sacredness of our bleeding cycle, the moon mysteries and womb magic of menstruation are revealed. There is a beautiful wisdom in knowing and understanding ones own personal cycle. Each phase of the cycle offers women a potent medicine.

Awakening ritual, ceremony and connection, for the contemporary female, is revolutionary. W H Y? Because it offers the perspective of the bleeding cycle as a time of empowerment. This offers back many wonders to women. Women’s ‘dirty little secret’, when ritually respected and restored to its ancient position, becomes every woman’s magical moon time.

Wise Woman Way


Throughout time, women have taught each other about the body’s basic functions. Women shared the ancient remedies, stories, and wisdom’s for supporting healthy menstruation, fertility/conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. Women observed their cycles in relationship to the phases of the moon.

The loss of women’s connection to the moon time is a telling reflection of our general loss of connection with the earth. By women realizing, taking back their dignity, and remembering the power and beauty of their personal blood, this great shift, which is necessary for the survival of the planet, can begin to heal us. The time is NOW, your Moon Blood is Sacred.


Love your M O O N Cycle 5 simple steps


♥ Use organic menstrual products

♥ Take a Moon Day!

♥ Love your Womb with Womb Beauty Oil

♥ Create sacred space

♥ Nourish your bleeding Womb with the Belly Buddy Heating Pad

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