Fertility Guidance

Allow sacred time to Prepare, Nourish, & Honor

your body for healthy conception…

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Fertility is a state of being. Your fertility is an indication of your utmost vitality allowing for your personal creativity to bloom. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the uterus is regarded as rich farm land. The womb is a symbol for us to take care in the best way possible, like tending to fertile soil. Utilizing complimentary medicine deeply enhances the health of long lasting fertility.

Treatment Session

At Radiant Moon Medicine we take the time to hear your observations, concerns, and dreams. We work together as partners in wellness to create a treatment plan that feels right for you.

Treatments at Radiant Moon Medicine support you in preparing for a HEALTHY + STRONG pregnancy! We use traditional hands on healing techniques, which helps to restore proper alignment of the uterus and ovaries. This is an ESSENTIAL foundation in the conception process. It truly makes the way for that sacred “seed” to be planted into the “fertile womb soil.” It is also facilitates the balancing of hormones, calms the nervous system, and reconnects you to your center!

Fertility Sessions include a combination of other healing modalities to compliment your treatment plan such as: herbal medicine for hormone balancing, instructions on fertility charting, detoxification/nutritional counseling, and the teaching of self-care techniques. No matter where you are at on your conception journey, whether you are using Assisted Reproductive Technologies or not, our hands on healing approach at Radiant Moon Medicine will prepare you for the best possible outcome!

Dream Preparation

Bringing your state of health to a peak level before calling in a child is so important. It takes about 90 days for one healthy follicle to mature and release during ovulation!!! Giving yourself a good 90 days preconception to nourish and prepare your body for a baby is VITAL. So much of our wellness including our reproductive health, depends on how we feed ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually pre-conception. This 90 window of time is a very potent space for you to optimize the health of your body, mind, spirit, and womb! Allowing for this sacred time to prepare, nourish, and honor your whole self is KEY in manifesting your DREAM of a healthy baby!

Treatment Offerings

Self Care Womb Massage
♥ Yoni Steam Ritual

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