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Allow sacred time to Prepare, Nourish, & Honor your body for healthy conception…


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With the use of Holistic Medicine one may enhance fertility and promote optimal wellness during pregnancy. Bringing your state of health to a peak level before calling in a child is essential. It takes a good 100 day journey for that one healthy follicle to mature and release during ovulation. So giving yourself a good 90 days preconception to nourish and prepare your body for a baby is vital. So much of our wellness including our reproductive health, depends on how we feed ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our hormonal harmony is a potent element in reproductive health. Allowing sacred time to prepare, nourish, and honor your body is key for healthy conception.

:::Improve your Fertility:::

Self Care Womb Massage with Fertility Bloom Oil
Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture
♥ Nourish your Womb with Yoni Steam Bath’s

:::Fertile W o m b:::

Fertility is a state of being. When a woman is fertile she is in her utmost vibrancy allowing for personal creativity to bloom. In Chinese Medicine, the uterus is regarded as rich farm land. The womb is a symbol for us to care take in the best way possible, like tending to fertile soil. Utilizing complimentary medicine can help support one on the path of fertility.

Treatments at Radiant Moon Medicine include hands on techniques, which helps to restore proper alignment of the uterus and ovaries. A combination of other healing therapies are also chosen to compliment your treatment plan such as: herbal medicine, fertility detoxes, fertility charting, reflexology, cranial sacral therapy, detoxification, & nutritional counseling.


Fertility Awareness Method


At Radiant Moon Medicine we take the time to hear your observations and concerns, we work together as partners in wellness to create a treatment plan that feels right for you…

:::C H A R T:::

The female sex hormones alone act in a perfect orchestrated harmony. Understanding this, women can be deeply empowered by knowing the wisdom of their bodies and how it functions in relationship to the moon cycles. Charting the cycle gives women fertility awareness, and the chance to protect themselves without using harmful birth control methods, which could hinder future fertility.

Your fertility signals offer a way to tell you where you are in your menstrual cycle; they provide a way to read your body’s hormonal shifts. The first step toward knowing how to determine when you are fertile and infertile is learning reproductive anatomy. Observing and charting your fertility signals every day is the second step. Charting can expand your connection and your conversation with your body. When you observe your fertility signals, you may notice your general health more closely.

:::F E R T I L I T Y signals:::

♥ Healthy Cervical Fluid
♥ Basal Body temperature shifts
♥ Cervical changes (height & texture)

:::R E C L A I M:::

Bringing greater awareness to your fertility cycles helps you connect with your body’s innate wisdom and strengthens your relationship to yourself. The time to educate both women and men about the female cycle is now. This empowers women and couples to be in charge of their fertility. Reclaiming reproductive health, gives us more choices as to how we would like to choose our fertility goals.

At Radiant Moon Medicine we take the time to hear your observations and concerns, we work together as partners in wellness to create a treatment plan that feels right for you!

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