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Radiant Moon Medicine is a Womb Healing Sanctuary in San Francisco where women can come to remember their divine feminine essence.

Here is a women’s center, dedicated to a woman’s center; the illustrious Womb.

Now is the grand time for the feminine spirit to be awakened into honor. We believe in the health and happiness of all wombs everywhere, where education is empowerment. Just as the moon is ever transforming and dancing into new phases of being, so the woman cycles through her own phases of life. Whether your Moon be half empty or half full, we are here to offer healing support in every phase.  Radiant Moon Medicine is a modern day Womb Sanctuary which truly holds the space for each womb to speak, let go and TRANSFORM.

“Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before her, and all those who came after.”

 Dr. Christiane Northrup

Whether it be to minimize pain and discomfort of your monthly cycle, prepare for conception, to be nourished post partum, or to all around connect with your center on a whole new level…We welcome you to dive deeper into the healing of your Sacred Womb Temple. Embrace the natural wise women remedies that have guided women and their health for millennia!

My Personal 


My personal quest for womb wellness, has inspired a life’s journey and love for traditional medicine.

The WOMB connects us to the women of our lineage. When we heal our womb, we heal our entire lineage of womb trauma. Healing the womb is the healing of the FEMININE and when we take charge of our Womb Health, we are facing our lifetime of choices. My sacred womb is my greatest teacher and I am forever grateful for being led on this journey.

I am truly so blessed to be offering my womb healing work in the grand city of San Francisco for over a decade! It is my passion, my purpose, my dream for every womb to feel healthy, whole, and in her SUPER power. To witness my healing work evolve into what it has become is a DREAM come TRUE! So many blessed wombs, blessed women, blessed babies meeting my heart filled light beaming hands. 

I am devoted to serving the feminine community, and I recognize the desperate need for holistic women’s healthcare. Far too often, in the western medical world, common reproductive/pelvic ailments are addressed with suppression medications, invasive surgery and in many cases are just overlooked all together. I have been deeply rewarded by the power and success of traditional medicine.

While working with me on your healing journey, one will receive the benefits of my experience and training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, intuition medicine, pregnancy massage and spiritual healing. In addition I have extensive training in the Advanced work of the Arvigo Techniques®. Most of all you will be empowered to deepen your connection to your womb.

There is a tremendous amount of hope in the uncovering and sharing of the art of the wise women healing traditions. Having the opportunity to be an inspiration to others on their journey is a blessing. It is a true honor to teach and give back to women their most sacred inherent wisdom by empowering them with the knowledge of their womb.

☽☥☾ In Love & Womb Magic ☽☥☾

About Dr. Laura Brown


The Womb Alchemist

Dr. Laura Brown, The Womb Alchemist has been working in the alternative health field since 2002 in San Francisco, apprenticing beside expertise Doctors’ of Naturopathic Medicine, Physical Medicine, and Acupuncture.

She holds a Doctoral Degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Through an integrated approach of natural medicine, she devotes her healing practice to provide women of all ages support for a healthy womb.

She specializes in supporting women through all phases. Whether it be to reclaim a healthy menstrual cycle, enhance fertility, be nourished during pregnancy + postpartum and beyond.

Focusing in this field, Laura has realized a profound passion for women’s womb wellness and dedicates her work to all issues related to female reproductive health. A core element of Laura’s practice is based in wellness counseling and herbal medicine for optimal women’s health.

Qualifications  & Training

✦ Doctor of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine
Certified Nutritional Wellness Counselor
Certified Western Herbalist
Certified Full Spectrum Doula
Certified Arvigo® Practitioner
✦ Extensive training in Advanced Pregnancy work of the Arvigo Techniques®
✦ 6 year personal apprenticeship with Dr. Gabrielle Francis

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