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Then she grows, like a blooming pregnant belly, into the fullness of herself… I am preparing for my moon time. My womb will bleed soon…

Art by Catie Atkinson
Art by Catie Atkinson

Every cycle holds a new story. Every cycle sheds a new light. Every cycle unravels me deeper to my truth. Every cycle I am given a ceremony. Since I began bleeding my womb she had pain. A pain that was not diagnosable. A pain that only healed through the sacred art of the Wise Wombyn Way.

Over time, I found my way with my womb. I began honoring her through womb massage, herbal medicine, yoni steam baths, alternative feminine moon time products. I learned to honor her as my greatest teacher. I offered my blood to the Mother Earth and she smiled. 13 years walking, healing, tuning in, and mastering the art of feminine medicine.

Sometimes pain seeps in, and my womb aches. She cries for all the scarred Wombyn. She cries for Mother Earth and all of her creation. I ride the waves with her. I follow her guidance. I ask her what she needs. “I need you to pay attention…I need you to know me deeper.” S H E speaks and I listen.

My womb is revealing a story that is deep beyond time. She knows the violence on womban, She knows the darkness that exists …A N D she knows wisdom. She knows beauty. She knows medicine. She knows balance. She knows love. She knows unity.

I bow to you great Mother Womb, great wisdom keeper, great well of love. Womb you are my connection to life. I am forever grateful.

:::Womb Healing Mantra:::
I heal my womb. I heal Mother E a r t h

☽☥☾ In Love & Womb Magic ☽☥☾

Laura ~ Womb Alchemist & Creatress at Radiant Moon Medicine


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